Sunday, November 11, 2012

October's Crop Night

Every month I host a crop night at my local Michaels.  I enjoy getting to spend time with friends and meeting new ones!  This wonderful 5 hour event gives me the opportunities to express my passion for scrapbooking with others and allows them to share their lives with me.

I have met many wonderful, creative women through my love of scrapbooking and I always enjoy finding someone new to share with.  Scrapbookers are a fantastic group of woman with tons of joy, friendship, support and energy that the willingly share with open hearts.

The inspiration for my LO colors were these wonderful Twinkle Motifs that I picked up from the CK convention back in June.  Being two of my favorite colors I just couldn't resist using them.
In addition to the Twinkle Motifs I needed to add some pizazz to my papers since I'd chosen to use all solid colors and no PP.  For the hot pink paper I chose an almost perfect match of ink so the images would blend into the paper not pop out.  I kept the same floral pattern as the motifs and stamped all over the page.  Creating my very own special and unique PP!

I continued the stamped effect to my green page but decided to give it a little more "wow" by stamping in a darker ink so the image would be front and center on the paper.

My page now embodies the bright and beautiful essence of the wonderful woman with whom I crop.  They truly are magnificent!

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