Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life's a Journey

Life's a journey and we all know it's far from perfect so why do 90% of us only scrapbook the good things; it's like leaving out half of the story. The bad, scray or seemingly unimportant things are hard, challenging or mundane but they make us who we are. A page about them shows others that we've accomplished/ overcome something and that we're not afraid of the bad days; they are just a normal part of everyone's life!

Here is a great example of my own: the worst day of my life!

I have two dogs, they are my babies. They've been with my husband and I for nine wonderful years and each came to us when they were just little pups. I can't express how much these dogs mean to me, they are my LIFE!!

One day last June I got up in the morning did my usual stuff and let my babies outside. That early in the morning the usually stay out for awhile while the weather is cool. So a few hours later I went to let them in and came to the horrible realization that our landscapers had left the gate unlatched and my dogs had run off. They could be anywhere at this point since they'd probably gotten out hours ago. Frantic, I went to my best friends house and recruited her husband to run around the neighborhood looking for them with me.

No signs of them. I returned home and immediately called the pound hoping they'd picked them up. Luck was with me, they'd managed to grab one of them...my happy, friendly, trusting Cocker Spaniel but my baby girl had tuck-tailed and run.

I was relieved that they had Shadow but terrified that my little Coco was out in the desert mid-day in 100+ weather all alone. I couldn't help but think of every bad thing that might happen to her. I've never prayed so hard or so much in all my life. I wanted my baby safe and back home.

After hours of searching, we'd all about given up as the sun started to go down. There would be no finding her in the dark. My husband suggested that my best friend and I go down the block and see if she'd managed to make it across the busy intersection to the new shopping center.

As we cruzed along the center lane I spotted her. She looked exhausted but other wise unharmed. I completely lost it at that point thinking only of getting her safely back home. I parked the car and jumped out calling for her. Dehyrated and scared she took off running. I could have died!!! There she was so close and she was running away, I was terrified that I'd lose her again and started to chase after her. Completely abandoning my car and best friend.

I chased her for more than a mile through a deserted desert field until (thank you lord!) she ran into a chainlength fence, gave up and laied down. After several excruciating minutes of coaxing my husband and I were able to get ahold of her and carry her back home.

Even though my story has a happy ending the event itself was tramatic for me but it also taught me several very important lessons and that is why I wrote about it. I was a changed person that day and this event is what 'caused it. Losing my dogs isn't something I want to relive everyday but it's something I never want to forget.

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